Imagesante: a film festival - Festival Imagésanté

Imagesante: a film festival

It presents 22 documentary films, selected for their quality and commitment, offering festival-goers a crossroads between cinema, science and health. An exciting journey designed to awaken the mind and the eye to issues of health and well-being.

documentary films

in-person spectators

spectators in streaming

Each screening is an opportunity to meet the film team, health specialists and representatives of associations concerned by the film’s theme, and to discuss the sensitive issues addressed, including the aging population, mental health-related suffering, overcoming disability, new technologies…

The festival includes four competitions:

  • International Competition
  • Lifting mountains competition: the journey of individuals and communities struggling to reclaim their health
  • Lever les Tabous competition: presentation of new therapeutic approaches and other medical advances
  • Positive mental health competition

Imagésanté also features some thirty live surgical operations, allowing you to discover the work of our nursing staff and to interact in real time with the surgeons.
These operations are part of the “Campus” component of Imagésanté. The aim of the Campus is to offer a wide range of educational workshops and conferences on major contemporary health issues to the 4,000 students who come to the Faculty of Medicine to attend.

Imagésanté is also available all year round, thanks to Cycle.
It offers fiction films, systematically punctuated by a discussion linked to the film. The cycle is always an opportunity for rich, intense exchanges.

Where’s the festival?


Film Festival

The films are shown in the Les Grignoux cinemas – Cinéma Sauvenière, Pl. Xavier Neujean 14 – 4000 Liège and Cinéma le Parc, Rue Paul-Joseph Carpay 22 – 4020 Liège

Mirror City

Mirror City

Cité Miroir – Pl. Xavier Neujean, 22 – 4000 Liège



CHU Liège – Faculty of Medicine – Quartier Hôpital – Avenue Hippocrate 15 – 4000 Liège