Langues officielles : français / anglais

1 -  Conditions of admission


Article 1.1

Documents that conform to the abovementioned objectives are allowed to compete, after selection by Point Culture – Health Education Department)

Article 1.2

The following audiovisual production is eligible to compete:

  • Productions dealing with a health or health education subject (general public) produced after 2014
  • Productions intended for a medical or paramedical audience produced after 2014

Article 1.3

The following films or documents are ineligible :

  • documents entered for a previous International Health Film Festival of Liège

Article 1.4

  • Allowed format : Blue-ray - DCP
  • Not allowed : DVD
  • Maximum length : 90'
  • Commentary in French and English recommended (the documents should preferably comprise both languages to be allowed to enter the competition – either spoken French and English subtitles, or spoken English and French subtitles).


2 – Screening conditions

Article 2.1

We recommend to presented the movie by one of the authors or by a representative. The author briefly presents his film at the beginning of the showing and answers the questions asked at the end of screening.


3 – Registration conditions

Article 3.1

Delivery charges for all the films, whether they are selected or not, are to be borne by the participants. The DVDs  sent for pre-selection purposes will be not be returned.

Article 3.2

Every document must be accompanied by its registration sheet, a copyright-free photo for promotion purposes in the TIFF format 300 dpi or EPS (vectorised) and a teaser on vimeo, youtbe or daylimotion.

Article 3.3

Registration is possible via the website until 01/11/2017

Article 3.4

Productions in a language other than French will be supplied preferably, both for selection and public screening, with subtitles in French, previously inserted into the film or delivered with the text in french.

Article 3.5

Except written contrary opinion, by registering, participants agree that excerpts from the film may be used for the purposes of promoting the ImagéSanté Festival.

4 – Themes and category prizes

Article 4.1

The screenings of documents are grouped by categories, the list of which is defined by the ImagéSanté Organising Committee and Scientific Committee according to the audiences concerned and the subjects dealt with.

Article 4.2

The author purposes the category in which s/he wishes the document to compete. The selection Committee shall validate that proposal.

Article 4.3

In each category, a panel of juror, composed of specialists in the discipline, awards one or more prizes for the Category.

5 – Major prizes and special distinctions

Article 5.1

A Selection Commitee, chosed by Organising Committee and Scientific Committee chose documents which compete for prizes and distinctions awarded by the jury.

Article 5.2

The jurys are composed of international health personalities and communication professionals from various backgrounds.


6 – Prizegiving

Article 6.1

After the Judges’deliberations, the results are proclaimed at the Closing Session..

Article 6.2

The prize will only be awarded to the person who registred the document or to his or her representative.

Article 6.3

7 – General Information

Article 8.1

Registration of a document with ImagéSanté implies acceptance of this document.

Article 8.2

Any additional information may be obtained from :

Enjeu asbl – Avenue Constantin de Gerlache, 41  B-4000 Liège

Tél : +32 (0)4 254 97 97    

Fax : + 32(0)4 254 97 98


Director : Pr Philippe Kolh                                Contact : Jeanne Hebbelinck                      (  jh) (