ESSENTIEL SANTE is an emission of education to health and prevention, which aims at putting at the range of all information necessary to better manage its health daily.


This film suppose to prepare the parents for presence during induction of general anaesthesia in their children. So the parents can understand their role and can help their child.The film schow a little girl with his dad, from the hospitalisation service to the operating room (when she is sliping (…)


At the time of the first admission for their disease, sleep apnea patients are informed about diagnostic aspects, therapeutic issues and technical aspects of CPAP treatment. Nevertheless, some of this information is not retained by the patients. The goal of this educational film is to reinforce (…)


Tracheostomised patients (either ventilated or not) need a learning phase to incorporate the basic information necessary to understand and self manage this particular treatment. The goal of this film is to remind this information and to giving to patient some practical advises concerning this (…)

Michel MEES & Paula FUKS

Siegi Hirsch, an idea thief, an "irreferent"! Always ahead of his time, Siegi Hirsch is most of all a guide. His eternal thirst for learning prevents him from theorising or writing down his knowledge. That would be impossible, his knowledge is constantly evolving. Siegi Hirsch had a major influence on European psychiatry and psychotherapy. His work as a pedagogue and a psychotherapist contributes to the "collective memory" of mankind. Witness and actor in society, Siegi Hirsch bases a great deal of his trade on the creativity of the people he speaks to, making him a "revelator".

It's ten-year-old Bethany's school concert, and her parents are watching anxiously. Bethany may live with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, hydrocephalus and visual impairment, but as she takes to the stage with her peers, she shines.

The W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) has classified the allergic diseases at the 6th place of the most common diseases. Today, their incidence on the population would reach 10 - 25%, according to some countries. The patients are consulting the doctor, but also the pharmacist. The aim of this film (…)

The anti-tobacco campaigns and the political or legal measures have a limited effect on the decrease in the consumption of tobacco. The general practitioner can have an important role through his commitment to his patients. This video tape is especially directed to him : by giving information about (…)

Using positive peer role models, young people learn that community service, activism, sports, hobbies, and the arts are a powerful and positive alternative to drugs.

Education package on breakfast , for children .Included in a five packages-series designed and produced in the framework of a European project funded by DG V (Health - Security Directorate) of the European Commission, under the leadership of ARELS (ARECS-Agropolis International - F34394 Montpellier (…)