12 days

Compétition Internationale

12 days

Screening followed by debate :

Justice and Mental Health, with :

  • Dr. Marc-André DOMKEN, psychiatre et directeur médical à ISoSL
  • Luc DESIR, juge de paix du 3ème canton de Liège
  • Nicolas JANAUD, psychiatre et addictologue à l'hôpital psychiatrique St Jean de Dieu (Lyon), coordonnateur des journées Cinéma et Psychiatrie de Lyon

Patients placed under a psychiatric care without consent are to be escorted to a hearing within their first 12 days in the hospital. With a judge on one side and a patient on the other, a dialogue about life and the meaning of the word “liberty”emerges.

The film is characterized by a kind of tenderness. Filmed with static shots, the interviews allow us to listen to words and stories. The inmates tell their experience, the judges speak the language of the law, trying to make it understandable. 12 days is above all a film that reveals the deep humanity of all its protagonists.

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