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Nearly 4 centuries have passed since the Augustinians came here to build the first hospital in New France. They are still here, in the heart of Old Quebec City, but not for long. This film portrays their remarkable contribution to the founding of the colony and in the development of our society (…)

Olivier Jonemann

At the turn of the century, there are still plants unknown to science. We must seek these endemic species, very far into the forest or the sea . They are still partly in lost area s of the Pacific Islands . Scientists search for them because they think that these plants will help to cure us. A team (…)

Isabelle Baechler

Toads s ecretions to help children to digest ... L izard tail to cure asthma, but also impotence ... Mutant cater p illars planted as banderillas inside of a wild duck to the fight against fatigue and heavy legs ... But also drink ing green tea from morning to night for its fluor, zinc, iron and (…)

Centre Antipoisons

Presentation of the Poisons Centre and prevention advices.


Herba sana is a health garden of about 200 plants situated in the heart of the Hautes Fagnes and has been created by ORTIS. The film wants to open a door to the magical universe of phytotherapy offering an educational, scientific but also an aesthetical approach.